Recognition Displays

How do you thank the people that are literally at the backbone of your organization? How do you recognize those who give generously and work tirelessly, without any direct benefit to themselves? Finding a way to properly thank these generous donors can be a difficult task. We have created and fabricated elegant award and donor walls highlighting donors who contribute to organizations, artful and unique award displays recognizing exemplary students and their accomplishments, and everything in between. It’s not just your past donors who see your walls, signs, and plaques - prospective donors see them too. Seeing the public commendation a donation receives will encourage others to give. These displays are permanent yet flexible, as they allow the client to update with new information and may be expanded upon if necessary. 

Wall Sign: A wall displays the names of all those who participated in a particular campaign, event, or accomplishment. The wall can take many creative forms depending on the subject. Walls are usually permanent installations, though digital walls can be updated often.

Plaque: Plaques are often posted outside doors in buildings that a major contribution helped build. Recipients could also take their plaques home with them if you don’t have anywhere permanent to house them.


Which elements should be included on donor recognition?

  • Name of the award or recognition 
  • Preferred name and title
  • Organization Name and Logo
  • Time frame