Our History

In December 1982, two local photography enthusiasts opened the doors to a Foto1, a 1-hour photofinishing store in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Within a year, Foto 1 had gained the reputation for outstanding film processing and high-quality color printing for the local consumer, educational and the business community. As imaging technology changed with the transition from film to digital in the late 90s, the decision was made to shift our focus and become a visual communication production facility. Along with this transition came a name change to reflect our new direction – Paragon Design + Display.

  • Insert talk of clients
  • Opened doors for more opportunities demands clients needs

We are also committed to producing our products in the most environmentally responsible manner to conserve natural resources by using pigment based inks without solvents and substrates produced with recycled materials


  • Opened doors to Foto1 in December 1982
  • Changed name to reflect new services, Paragon Design + Display
  • Committed to environmental responsibility when producing our products.