Make your campus a welcoming environment to visiting teams, fans, students and alumni. Custom championship banners and recognition displays are a great way to dress up both indoor and outdoor athletic facilities to show fans, students, athletes, and recruits what your program is all about. Use them to highlight stand-out players, retired numbers, milestones in playoff appearances, championships, and more!


Ideal products for sports recognition include:

Conference Signs
Show school spirit by displaying all schools within your conference as well as have a special sign just for the conference.


Achievement Highlights
Custom championship banners not only allow you to show off your program’s accomplishments, but serve as the perfect centerpiece for your championship celebrations! Championship banners aren’t limited to just indoor areas! Mesh windscreens are a great way to recognize championships and athlete accomplishments in outdoor areas such as behind bleachers and along fences. 


Inspirational and Mascot Signs 
Motivate your team in the locker rooms before a big game or liven up the hallways and gym with inspirational pictures and phrases in full color, vibrant design. Label areas of your gym for the home team, guests, and a student section. Put up welcome signs and school songs near the entrance of the school so visitors can see your school spirit as soon as they come in.